Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's A Formal Affair!

Seattle was amazing!
I saw almost everyone I wanted to see.
Got coffee, had lunch, walked.

One of my first stops was Ballard's Sonic Boom Records!
I hit up the free bin and got four free 7" records! And three of the bands I knew...
My main squeeze for this trip was my Nishiki fix, so I passed on spending any lettuce on wax...
The boys at Recycled really helped me out (my dad especially)!
All that's left is to buy is a wheel set (or have them built) and get the saddle I've had my eyes on since the beginning of this project.

So tomorrow, I have school!
This is garbage!
It's a national holiday for fuck's sake!
There's no USPS, no banks, no libraries, nothing.
But COCC thinks it's fair to work their faculty and make their students attend class.
Rad to death...

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