Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Fixin's.

Just took my Nishiki into Bend's WebCyclery to get chased and faced today!
And tomorrow I'm heading up to Seattle to my dad's shop Recycled Cycles for some more work on the Nishiki.
Regarding my new fix, he (or she) needs a name.
The frame is a minty/pastel green color. Any ideas?

In other news,
indoor soccer was interesting today (I take this as a class at COCC)...
First, I got a shot to the nuts in the first half and needed to be subbed out, and I never sub out...
Then I landed a goal and had two clean assists.
The last little bit to this story is I got taken out by one of my own strikers that didn't want to pass me the ball for a goal, just so he could take the shot...
We won 7-2.

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